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1) Someone who acts like someone cool in public but when with friends is completely different.
2)In use to why a person may act strange or random.
1)Girl 1: Yeah, he's actually quite nice when he's not surrounded by people.
Girl 2: Ah, so he's blue crack.

2)Girl 1: AH! Look, there's a singing goat!
Girl 2:........
Girl 1: That crazy goat.
Girl 2: You're so on blue crack.
by angus the superduck March 05, 2005
To pull off an item of clothing in an outfit. Came from complete lazyness of saying the full phrase and just blurting out a random word.
"Look at this tye-dye shirt I just got!"
"Hm, you could pax it with those jeans."
by Angus the Superduck February 11, 2006
A band composed of Deryck Whibley (Bizzy D) on vocals, piano(occasionally, and rythmn guitar, Cone on bass a few times on vocals, Dave Baksh (Brownsound or Hot Chocolate) on guitar and vocals, and Steve Jocz (Stevo32) on drums and a few vocals. They were formed 41 days into the summer creating the band name Sum41.
They are not the greatest band on earth, but they are pretty good. They continue to become better with each album and more serious. They are not punk, but the y have been slowly moving into a more political type of band from their early days as a blabbermouth brat SoCal band from Ajax, Ontario.
Brownsound is a very good guitarist in my opinion, with raging solos, and Stevo32 can spaz out on the drums for what seems hours. Cone seems to be a good bassist on the solos sometimes given to him, and Bizzy D does well on backup guitar and can sing well on actual singable songs.
They experiment with different styles at times and have full songs of just instrumental or mainly instrumental.
They are wrongly placed in alternative and as punk. They are really neither- they have their own style which is hard to label since they have changed so quickly within their four albums (Half Hour of Power, All Killer No Filler, Does This Look Infected, and Chuck). To prove this furthermore, they made a documentary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in doing so almost died. Not typical of your SoCal bands like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan.
They do not deserve all the fans that they have which do not really recognize how well they can play and just like them for their looks. They aren't that good-looking anyway and caring about a band just for their looks is shallow. Sum41 doesn't deserve that. They are too great for that.
Girl: OMG! Cone is sooo hot! I love sum41!
Me: He's not really that- augh. Anyway, what's your favorite song?
Girl: Umm, I don't really know any.
Me: That's sad. I am so sad to share the same music genre as you, you shallow, sad little girl.
by angus the superduck April 02, 2005
A person who subsides on a diet excluding all meat, poultry and fish. Some vegetarians don't eat animal products as well (milk, cheese, eggs, etc.). Reasons for becoming a vegetarian are wide and varied. Some people do it for their health, some do it for economic purposes, etc.

An annoying aspect of vegetarians is their pushiness about it. Some can make you feel guilty about eating meat (Example 1), by telling you how wrong and cruel the creatures' conditions were. Yes, it's wrong, but it's a business, and it's efficient. That, sadly, is how the business must be run.
Another part of their pushiness is the odd number of facts they throw out at you that have no relevance to the situation at hand and do not help you understand the situation better (Example 2). They also do not realize that death is a part of life. In order for things to live, they have to kill another thing (except for organisms that use photosynthesis). In order for a wolf to live, it has to kill a rabbit. Death and life are intertwined, and it's natural. It's gone on that way for millions of years. Yes, we can stop eating the meat and still be healthy, but people will keep on eating them. Not eating them to "ease the suffering", which is natural in itself is foolish and doesn't work. Yes, the scale it is pulled out on is sickening and cruel, but there is no need to tell the rest of us about it.

Whatever your cause is for being a vegetarian, keep it to yourself. Bitching about it endlessly doesn't help the situation. Do something about it if it is so horrible. Just boycotting doesn't work.
1) Alex: I'll take the steakburger.
Mandy: That cow was tortured its whole life in a cage and constantly kept pregnant. How can you eat that, you PIG.
Alex: I just wanted a burger!

2)Alex: The game last night was awesome.
Mandy: Did you know that being a vegetarian can cut your risk of cancer in HALF?
Alex: Where is that duct tape?

The basic idea of the vegetarians is noble, but they refuse to go any further in helping the animals.
by Angus the SuperDuck June 18, 2005
What happens when people press random buttons and call it music. Takes no talent whatsoever and is a disgrace to real musicians who work their heart out to make music.
My friend started playing techno at the party and I kicked them. Hard.
by Angus the SuperDuck June 21, 2005

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