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The absolute fucking best guitarist I've ever heard. Not mearly becuase of his skill at the guitar but because of his stage performance, his school uniform lol and energy and love of rock. he's the best and he was AMAZINGLY hot back in the day and even though he's 50 he still kick most modern guitarist's asses.
"Angus Young is the best"
"Acdc is the best band ever, and Angus is the best guitarist"
by Angus Young March 09, 2005
Southern Lehigh is a rural school in a rather wealthy area of majority homogeneous (white) student population; nevertheless the influx of African-Americans and Puerto-Ricans has severely damaged its reputation of late. Often times considered an athletic cesspool by outsiders, one has to look no further than the swim team to find the heart and soul of the athletic, academic and social community*. Southern Lehigh graduates and students alike pride themselves on their ability to consume mass quantities of alcohol with apparent ease*.

*All references to things “good” are 98% a reflection of the graduated society
The studly swimmers drank copious amounts of alchohol while rejoicing in their social greatness
by Angus Young March 15, 2005
A very young fooligan, often before they gain their dark mud coloured hair. They are coated in the most peculular shade of carrot coloured hair, in the weirdest places. El Gringos are naturally very synical and ugly beasts, and caution should be used when venturing near these wild beings
"Twas the night of '69, and a 'Gringo grabbed me from behind. I screamed like a young girl, or Plutarach, and Ran for my life" - Anonymous
by Angus Young November 23, 2004
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