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The truth. See also rap sucks

Although punk music fans (not the dirtbags who refer to themselves as punks - actual non human-beings) have been saying that punk is dead since 1978, it actually wasn't proven to be true until 1991 or so - the year "punk" broke in America

Since the early 1990s, punk bands are played on the big rock and top 40 stations in even the most rural areas of the United States. Green Day, for instance, sells as many records as 50 Cent and records on about the same six-million dollar budget in the same lavish studios.

Punk rock is recording a demo on a tape recorder in a trailer and selling copies of the tapes out of the back of your 1973 Ford Galaxy.

Now a fashion trend dominated by white prep school kids and emos.
How can anyone today disagree with the fact that punk is dead and has been for almost 20 years now?
by Angus MacKenzie October 06, 2007
1) The most offensive thing you can say in British, Scottish, Irish, South African, New Zealand or Australian English

It means anally sodomizing another man and causing his rectum to bleed like a bitch as in a prison rape

2) Something kids in America say to be funny

It refers to the snot in their nose that forms kernels and then they eat
1) Person with thick Yorkshire accent: "Aye, cunt. Yerrrrr a bloody buggar."

Girl/guy gets offended and hurt.

2) 7 y/o American kid: "I'm gonna eat a bloody buggar."

45 y/o English woman: "Don't say that. it's entirely vile."
by Angus MacKenzie October 06, 2007
Archaic c. 1985

A form of punk rock also known as queercore

Homocore artists:

1) MDC or Millions of Dead Cops
2) the Dicks
3) the Germs
4) Jello Biafra

Politically left-of-center and usually more macho than the mainstream gay music of the time - new wave or alternative

Now an insult which includes all the bands gay yuppies like, girls like and the emo groups
There's this cool homocore show in San Francisco. Lots of punks and skinheads will be there. You don't have to be queer to like the music, because it sounds just like aggressive hardcore punk rock.

My Chemical Romance is homocore
by Angus MacKenzie October 06, 2007
A word invented by Idaho skinheads as a racial slur against blacks. Not funny or witty except among skinheads up North.

Rarely if ever used in the South, where the blacks actually live. Down there the popular insults are coon, nigger, jigaboo or porch monkey.

Skinhead: "Oi, mate. Them bloody nig nogs were listening to there raga music again."

White Southerner: ????
by Angus MacKenzie October 06, 2007

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