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To urinate in an inappropriate place, especially on a person. Also especially applicable to acts of inappropriate urination fueled by 40 ouncers of malt liquor.
"This is bullshit, dude, I'm gonna do an R Kelly on this fool's Lexus."

"I want to do an R Kelly all over Ann Coulter's face. I bet she'd like it. Bunnnnnggg."
by Angst Boy February 17, 2006
a. Buttsex engaged in under emotional duress or out of lack of self respect; the 'catcher' often cries in the course of the act, not because it is physically painful, but because they cannot believe they are letting this guy fuck them in the ass.

b. Any sexual congress between emo kids, especially but not necessarily buttsex.
"Emobuttsex is the best, dude! It's like how a lapdance is always better if the stripper is crying, only it's even better, since buttsex is by definition better than a lapdance. Tears make the best lube, ferreal."

"Yeh, I totally hooked up with that guy with the tight pants and Cursive shirt.... we had pretty awesome emobuttsex."
by Angst Boy June 23, 2007
A notional stick, presumably phallic-looking, with which one fucks things deemed disagreeable, stupid, or unpleasant.
"Let's go up to the hills and drop acid!" "Naw, fuck that with a fuck-that stick."

"Would you fuck that?" "Maybe with a fuck-that stick. Not with my DICK."
by Angst Boy June 23, 2007
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