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2 definitions by Angry Waiter

Getting up before dawn to surf; generally before school, work or some important activity like getting married or going to a funeral.
Crank: Yo dude why you got that smegma on your elbow?
Wingnut: It's dried salt bro. Dawn Patrol this morning! 6 foot swells!
by Angry Waiter March 06, 2007
33 11
(Smeg' muh)
Any whitish, unknown substance found on the human body

Originally used to define the white cheesy junk on the genitals the morning after sex.

When stuck on a guys schlong when he pees can make the stream go in multiple directions, none of which go into the toilet.
Tom: Whoa! Dude, you have smegma on your lip you fag!
Chris: you trippin' dawg, I just ate some vanilla ice cream.
by Angry Waiter March 06, 2007
23 32