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When your computer freezes then starts playing an annoying sound over and over again, driving you so insane you decide to jump off a bridge with your computer in one hand and the manual in the other.
Person: "OMG! This ERROR not again!"
by Angry Salamander October 26, 2005
Kill On Sight

If someone is KOS that means you devour them right when you see them no questions asked.
Level 126: "Sorry kid but your clan is KOS so I've got to kill you."
Noob: "But I just want to play the game man, come on I'm almost done with this quest..."
by Angry Salamander October 26, 2005
A cool word used by cool people who are excellent at winning everything they do.

It means no.
Person 1: "You suck".
Person 1: "Haha".
Person 2: "Nuh uh".
Person 1: "Wow, your right man".
by Angry Salamander October 10, 2005
Reply to anything that has made you think too hard or just weird.
Person 1: "This one time, at band camp..."
Person 2: "Ok then"
by Angry Salamander October 18, 2005
When you get incredibly owned/raped/pwned/out skilled and then dizzled.

Person 1 "Haha owndizzled!"
Person 2 "Shut up"
by Angry Salamander September 03, 2005
The perfect way to say hi to anyone and everyone, even complete strangers.
*Some guy walking down street with a knife driping with blood*
"Hi buddy!"
by Angry Salamander October 17, 2005
When Pepsi or Coca-Cola comes out with a drink that the other competitor doesn't have.

Pepsi - Coca-Cola
Diet Pepsi - Diet Coke
Pepsi Vanilla - Vanilla Coke
Wild Cherry Pepsi - Cherry Coke
Pepsi Lime - Coke with Lime
Pepsi One - Coca-Cola Zero
There is no substitute for Coke, so there should not be another Cola War.
by Angry Salamander July 06, 2006
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