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Adjective primarily used to describe a food that is so delicious, it makes you pissed off just thinking about how good it is. Most effective when used in a loud and obnoxious tone.
Guy: Damn! I just had the most Angry Delicious fries at lunch today!

Girl: Whoooaaa. Calm yourself, now.
#crazy delicious #bitchin' #scrumptious #tongasm #ramen noodles
by Angry Delish October 04, 2008
Noun: Similar to an orgasm, this takes place in the mouth, most likely when eating food that is Angry Delicious. To achieve Tongasm, one must snack on said food for a given period of time, until that tingling sense of explosion occurs. The amount of time required to achieve tongasm varies for different people, pending on their endurance.
Guy 1: "Dude, I was just eating this immaculate bowl of Ramen Noodles and I had a tongasm within seconds!"

Guy 2: "Did you wipe yourself off afterwards?"
#angry delicious #immaculate #bitchin' #ramen noodles #choclatini #shirley temple
by Angry Delish October 04, 2008
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