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A kid who hasn't hit puberty, and has a really high voice and thinks lame jokes like NRB are the height of humour. And a lot of them are smartarses.
Stupid baldies will never get the hint that they are just stupid kids, and no one cares what they have to say. Stupid baldy fucks.
by Angry Dan May 14, 2004
Badass pimpin' move for when someone is lookin' at you funny.
Origin: Similar to The Rock's smackdown, except classier, because Angry Dan came up with it, although he didn't, he just stole it off The Rock, because Angry Dan is a filthy stealing varmint.
Angry Dan went gave some fucker a harddown for lookin' at him funny.
by Angry Dan May 14, 2004
verb. When a plan backfires on you, because you're a stupid boxhead who doesn't know any better.
Origins: Like backfire, only change "back" to "Jack" because everything Jack does backfires on him.
God's plan to make a superhuman race with boxes for heads really jackfired on him.
by Angry Dan May 14, 2004
No Reason Boner. When a stupid 12-year-old pops a chubby, and its really embarrassing for them, because no one can see the bulge cos they haven't hit puberty yet. And its really annoying when they just say NRB, like its a great joke, over and over and over again.
Stupid kid No.1: NRB
<<Stupid Kids erupt in giggles, not gut laughs cos their balls haven't dropped yet>>
Stupid Kid, like No.6: NRB.
<More annoying giggling>>
by Angry Dan May 14, 2004

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