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A 3'4'' Oriental man with incredible powers. Wears an over sized chinese raiden style hat. Always salute him with you left hand whilst stating his name. Has demonic powers.
"What are you up to now old MAN begger?"
"WET WILLY MALPHUS" - Old man begger quote
by Angry Calaen September 27, 2004
Insane Clown Posse formerly known as Inner City Posse. Most people know these as Rappers/Rockers from Detriot, who have a contract with Psychopathic Records, creating such songs as Piggy Pie, What is a Juggalo, Great Milenko and Hokus Pokus... but ICP does further than that.

ICP were 2 wrestler team in WCW, where at that time they had their own wrestling promotion with Psychopathic Records called JCW (Juggalo Championshit Wrestling) which was rated at the time #2 behind the WWE. Currently they are in a wrestling federation called NWA-TNA, with their manager 2 tuff Tony.

ICP have had fieds with plenty of people for various reasons, however the most famous and ever lasting fued is between ICP and Eminem. The fued started where Eminem said ICP "might" be playing at his first gig, however he did not ask permission from ICP. Since then Eminem has been doing skits of ICP and songs insulting ICP (e.g. Business). ICP in return has done the same (e.g. Slim Anus), including an incident where an Eminem inflatable was taken onstage at a concert and abused by ICP.

ICP have a few rapping homies in Twizted, Esham, Zug, 2 live crew and Kottonmouth Kings.
"Don't disrespect an ICP fan or you might find yerself with a hatchet implant to the head."
by Angry Calaen September 28, 2004

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