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A girlfriend who acts like a nagging, overreacting, and obsessive bitch with nothing better to do is to control her boyfriend by making threats.
She's sucha goddamn nagging bitch.
by Angriest June 25, 2013
1. An athletic, skinny, and active female friend.
2. Any attractive girl whose nerdy but sweet.
Dana I love you bf!
by Angriest June 28, 2013
A place where people live who are not thinking straight and also disabled. The staff are like Stalag wardens and treat their clients like shit and untermensch.
A group home are the worst place to be when you're a disabled person.
by Angriest June 26, 2013
1. To shoot a target excessively more than one time.
2. When a cop shoot the guy more than once in the movies even after the bad guy is dead.
"Damn he over shot the poor bastard!"

"Don't over shoot it!"
by Angriest June 30, 2013
1. A bald headed mofo
2. A person that eats too much food it has a bald head and wipes the grease on it to make it shine like glaze.
Wow he's a glazehead
by Angriest June 25, 2013
A person that's repulsive and sometimes annoying.
Man you're such a queezer!
by Angriest July 02, 2013
A liar that's America's biggest enemy. They're relentlessly crapping on American society by banning everything that's free and hedonistic.
"Liberal scum!"
by Angriest June 26, 2013

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