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Quite possibly the most famously evil man alive. Can't help but be repetitive; I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one a bit scared by the man.

Need I even mention that along with his other evil little buddies (cough, Donald Rumsfeld, *COUGH*), he's used Bush as his puppet for us to suffer 9/11, invade Iraq, lose lives in Hurricane Katrina, hold back from acknowledging global warming until this year (WTF?), not ratify Kyoto Protocol, create tax cuts that benefit the rich over the poor, and essentially rape the Fourth Amendment? And violently harass the first, ninth, and tenth amendments, too?
Kinda reminds me of Darth Vader. Maybe it's mean, but - Dick Cheney has chest complications in a region where blood pumping is usually centralized through a HEART... Darth Vader has no heart... EVIL...

Dude, who the fuck else can shoot someone and have the victim apologize? That's fucking Obeah magic there! I ain't messin' with that dude, he's on some other shit!
#evil #frightening #terrifying #darth vader #quail #haliburton #corrupt #republican #oil
by Angelina Harvoux March 27, 2007
No, a nametake would be the person who's name comes from another person. For example, Dr. King would be Martin Luther's nametake. After all, a namesake is a person who has been named after - so the reverse would not be the exact same thing.

No beef/feelings - just sayin
Cat Niesse (younger generation) is Catherine Douvalt's (older generation) nametake.
#namesake #name #catherine #generation #kew
by Angelina Harvoux January 16, 2007
Maybe - I have no idea; I've never met or known the guy, but probably George Bush isn't a horrible human being, even though he carried out some of the most executions of capital punishment in Texan history as governor. Maybe not even a completely illiterate one. He's just far too incompetent to run a nation.

The reason it's screwed America over so badly is because the corrupt people within the Clinton administration had limited power, due to Clinton's limitation of executive powers (Just for anyone new here: these are the ideas of Baron de Montesquieu with separation of powers. Our government has three equal powers: legislative (makes the laws), executive (carries out the laws; this includes our President, his administrations, and all programs like the FBI and NSA), and judicial (interprets the laws).

Well, due to President Bush's incompetence, these corrupted people have been able to exert powers and expand the executive branch to sizes not seen since the Nixon Administration (and we all know what happened to Nixon). One of these main corrupt people is Dick Cheney, who I believe everyone should really be afraid of. The man is little short of evil, and so are his little buddies (cough, Donald Rumsfeld, *COUGH*), and with Bush as their puppet, we've suffered 9/11, invaded Iraq, lost lives in Hurricane Katrina, held back from acknowledging global warming until this year (WTF?), not ratified Kyoto Protocol, created tax cuts that benefit the rich over the poor, and essentially raped the Fourth Amendment. The first, ninth, and tenth, suffered some harassment, too.

Well. The overall point of this definition is not to single George Bush out as a disgrace to humankind, because maybe he's not worse than the majority of human beings (key word: maybe; I don't know this for sure). Nonetheless, whether's he's a bad person or simply a little stupid, he's not good enough for public office and our nation is sinking with his smiling face on the sail and the Administration at the helm.

Oh well. At least since people are fed up with Republican hypocrisy from his tenure as President, Democratic ideals will flood America and from there, split again into the factions of the conservatives and the liberals. At least that way, we will make progress for more than just the corporations and less progress for corrupt activity, yet still keep some conservativie values.

Just please. Anything but this man and his administration...
What more can I say? George Bush is probably the worst president we've had since Richard Nixon, just seems like this one's missing a step upstairs. Once he's out of office, maybe people won't hate him so much and he can prove to be a decent human being.
#nixon #corrupt #incompetent #executive powers #dick cheney
by Angelina Harvoux March 27, 2007
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