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Another slang term for vagina.
"Preston told me that he could see my chuckie when I was wearing my Daisy Dukes."
by Angelin Nicole February 24, 2010
Prairie Dogging is when you have to take a shit so bad that the tip of your shit keeps poking in & out of your butt hole. Much like a prairie dog would poke it's head in & out of it's hole in the ground. Also sometimes known as "Turtleing"
"He had to poop so bad that it was prairie dogging in & out of his buttox."
by Angelin Nicole February 24, 2010
Pronounced (Vuh-tawned). To get hit in the groin area with a purse or handbag. This word was coined by my ex boyfriend in 2004 after accidentally hitting him in the nuts w/ a small Louis Vuitton handbag.
"I accidentally vuittoned Kevan while he was walking behind me in the video store."
by Angelin Nicole February 24, 2010

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