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A store that sells high priced fashion for cheap prices. They have everything from Old Navy to Abercrombie and Fitch. And if you need quick drug or gas money you can bring them your nice expensive clothes and they'll buy them from you for cheap and sell them to people like me for 4 or 5 more dollars than they just bought it from you.
Damn son I'm out of gas money, let me sell your Reeboks to Plato's Closet for 3 dollars.
by Angela from Chicopee April 14, 2005
When you wake up married and a few months later you find out you're pregnant. The marriages usually last about 24 hours or the length of the vacation and then you two part your ways and we get another single mom raising a kid without a father.
Damn girls..I don't know whether to consider my vegas vacation good cause I got married or bad because I'm having a baby without any type of father.
by Angela from Chicopee June 02, 2005

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