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A fictitious animal in the world of Pokemon, It's name derives from the Japanese meaning: Electric Mouse. It's also the main character's favorite Pokemon.

Aside from that, Pikachu's Popularity made it a World Wide Icon and an official Icon to the Nintendo Company along with the other Prime Characters such as: Mario, Link, and Kirby.
Daniel:Over 10 years old and still running!

Noah: Yeah not to mention that every year Japan gives Pokemon a big tribute by parading around Tokyo with a Giant Pikachu Balloon.

Daniel: And don't forget that Pikachu is One of the Main Characters in the Nintendo Corporation... I Mean Just Look At the Smash Bros. series!
by Angel Rodriguez August 30, 2007
The Long A Waited Real Name Of The Yondaime Of The Leaf Village! (Read The Example To Find Out Something Else!)
Although Minato Kazenami's Last Name is Kazenami He Is Still Naruto's Father!!! Because Naruto Took His Moms Last Name! Kushina Uzumaki!!!
by Angel Rodriguez August 31, 2007
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