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1 definition by Anelisa (Clepto4Life)

Someone who cannot resist taking a souvenir from every new place he/she visits. It can be something as simple as a pen of lollipop from a bank, ranging to a pair of wangster shorts belonging to a boy from another team at a track/cross country meet. Kleptomaniacs are known to make up codenames for stolen items and their owners. also for excessive giggling.
(Cassie and Annie enter XC bus, giggling.)
Annie: Hey, you guys didn’t hear any weird noises, did you?
Cassie: Yea, your mom made some crazy noises last night!
Monkey Face: No… why?
Annie: I will tell you later. Not in front of Britter.
Guillerno: Were you guys looking at trees?
Britter: Trees? Don’t you mean flags? (cackles maniacally)
All: NO! What are you talking about, Victor?
Coach: Yea, Victor, what ARE you talking about?
(All laugh at Britter’s silliness.)
(Later, on bus ride home, with Britter safely terrorizing middle’uns.)
Monkey Face: Okay, what is it?
Annie: Hold on. (lifts up shirt)
Monkey Face: Whaaaat? Oh my GOSH!
(A traffic cone has been revealed under Annie’s seemingly preggers belly.)
(Cassie and Annie cackle maniacally.)
Monkey Face: Yalls are serious Kleptomaniacs, dawg.
by Anelisa (Clepto4Life) December 28, 2008
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