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Rolling on iFloor Laughing
Derived from iLol, a joke used mainly by Microsoft employees to mock the way that Apple adds an 'i' to the start of things to make it theirs.

Add multiple 'i's for emphasis, e.g. Roiiiiiiiiiiiiifl!
Andrew: Hey Jon did you see Megans new Facebook status?

Jon: No, wait. Oh Yea! iLol

Andrew: And that video she posted,

Jon: Yeah I saw that, Roifl!

Andrew: Roiiiifl!
by Andythrax November 24, 2009
From the internet term Lol, meaning Laugh out loud, originally coined by Windows user comes the brand new take on an existing term by Apple.
The iLol, related in origin to Lol but much, much better.

Linked with Roifl and "Putting an 'i' in front of absolutely everything!"
Andrew: Hey Jon, did you see Megan's new facebook status?

Jon: No, wait. iLol! What a whore.
by Andythrax November 24, 2009

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