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Bizwank is the opposite of Booshank meaning exceedingly good. Bizwank means the worst something can possibly get.
1. The movie Italian Job (2003) is Bizwank.

2. Nicole thought the pie was bizwank because it tasted like crap.
by Andy Procter March 20, 2008
Indie music that consists of either 5 of 4 members. A vocalist, a guitaist., a bassest and a drummer. The bands usually begin with 'The'. Haliwell music is a song with no kick. No guitar solos, good drummin sections or clever lyrics.
1. Sitting in a bar with the music in the background, thats how intesting it is. Nothing special.

2. Jesus Christ Matty The Kooks, The Maccabees,The Magic Numbers, The View, The Blood Arm etc are wank. They just go on and on with no good bits in the songs. Foo Fighters have Dave Grohl and kick ass drumming from Taylor at gives them an image unlike this 'Haliwell music'.
by Andy Procter March 21, 2008
1. A fat bastard
2. A fat deceitful bastard
3. A fat deceitful jealous bastard
4. A fat deceitful jealous lying bastard
5. A fat deceitful jealous lying fat bastard.
1. "Fucking hell. That pie was meant to feed the 9 of us. Now us eight will starve, you fucking Fat Hennessey."
2. "That's right. You've known some of us for 13 years but we're immature just cz we spit in your tea, you fucking Fat Hennessey?"
3. "Oh are you going to go in a paddy cause I am thin, you fucking Fat Hennessey?
4. "Oh you got sucked off in the back of your Mercedes when your dad was driving, Hennessey?"
5. I can't believe you've just ate my birthday cake after knowing me for 13 years, cause apparently we're immature and just cause we're thin and because we don't believe you got sucked off in the back of your Mercedes when your dad was driving, you fucking Fat Hennessey.
by Andy Procter March 22, 2008

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