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A youth culture that began in the 1950s mainly among middel and lower class boys. Greasers had a heavy interest in cars, the ladies, fights, and the ladies. The classic greaser is easily recognized by the disctinctive black leather jacket, T-shirt, and jeans. Most greasers grew their hair longer than usual, and it was often applied with grease. Greasers listened to 1950s rock such as Elvis presley, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard. Many greasers grew up to become bikers.

The greaser days are often considered Americana, and the group has made a bit of a comeback. A modern greaser has most of the traits of a 50s greaser. These include a passion for cars, an interest in rock music, and an itch for a good fight. Many greasers wear the classic black leather jackets and T/sleeveless shirts just as they did in the 50s.
Hey greaser, need a haircut?
by Andy Pat April 01, 2010

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