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1. When somebody has your back.
2. When one does a small favor for you.
1. *while playing Halo and your team mate kills an enemy that was about to assasinate you*
You: "Good lookin' out man."
Teammate: "No problem I got you."
2. You: "Dude I need to call into work but I don't have a good excuse."
Friend: "Just tell them you have diarrhea."
You: "Great idea! Good lookin out man."
by Andy Orem July 20, 2008
1. somehting wicked awesome

2. a tool of some sort that helps in a cool way
1. Whooah that trick he did was niffty.

2. This is easy now cause I have this niffty little tool thingy.
by Andy Orem December 21, 2006
1. one who calls the shots
2. usually a balla 3. probably has 20inch blades on their impala
Lil Troy wants to be a balla shotcalla and have 20 inch blades on his impala.
by Andy Orem July 22, 2008
1. The feeling achieved when eating the same type of food for a period of time.
Though one may still be hungry, they do not want anymore of the given food.
1. Guy 1 "Man these Burger King Flavored Onion Rings are delicious. I just can't seem to finish them."

Guy 2 "Do you want some of my chocolate?

Guy 1 "Yeah, that should help off-set my taste fatigue."
by Andy Orem March 23, 2009
The calling of 'dibs' or first take on an 1.object, 2.activity, or 3.person. Little know it can be used outside of calling for a seat in an automobile.

Shotgun is a Man Rule that MUST be upheld by all.
1. "Dude, I got shotgun on the Mt. Dew."
"I so got shotgun on the bed, you're sleeping on the futon."
"If we play madden I got shotgun on the Pats."

2. "Dude, I got shotgun on checking mysapce."
"Shotgun on the first slice of pizza!"
"Shotgun on doing the obstacle course first."

3. "When they break up I got shotgun on insert boy/girl's name
"Shotgun on insert last name here as my Quarterback!"
by Andy Orem November 06, 2007
1. One who prnounces David Hasselhoff as God.
2. A follower of The Hoff.
1. Davidian: "Oh praise be to David for this blessed day!"
2. Dude: "Wanna go to youth group with me tonight?"
Davidian: "Are you joking!?! His Hoffness is on TV!"
by Andy Orem April 09, 2009
1. An extreamly hot minor that, with sexual encounters, will result in a trip to jail.
2. An underaged girl with quite the attractive body.
1. Senior1: Holy shit dude! That freshmen is sexy as hell!
Senior2: Dude stay away, that's that Illegal Bootymeat.

2. Miley Cyrus
by Andy Orem November 20, 2009

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