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The most foul word known to mankind. Literally an anagram of 'Dyke's Ass Regularly Fucked'. However, in practice d*** means much, much more than this childish sum of words. D*** is the word responsible for the most deaths and beatings of all time, as uttering it in most American communities can and will result in an immediate reaction from practically any knowlegeable American, especially in the northern states.

Due to these statistics, the word D*** has been banned in 21 states and practicing members of the Catholic faith are instantly excommunicated from the church for uttering it.

Person 1: Hey brother, I just had sex with your wife and killed your dogg. Wahey!

Person 2: Wow man you are ... you are .... a DARF...

Person 1: Oh my god, I know I wronged you but nothing can justify that! Jesus Christ! This man just said he D-word out loud! Oh Christ have Mercy!!!!

Persons 3-800 (angry mob): He said what???!?!?!??!!? Lets fucking kick his ass! This man is dead.

Priest: Wait a second! I have to excommunicate him from Catholicism first... you can have your way with him then.

Persons 3-800: Awww... But then we can cut off his penis and feed it to him, right?

Person 2: But... What...?... This man is my brother and best friend and he just slept with my wife, aren't I justified?

State official: No! Let the law deal with this matter. As you know, uttering that word out loud is not allowed in this state. He shall be put to death by blood loss through castration! It may not be a fitting punishment, but it is a start.

Persons 1, 3-800: Castration! Castration! Castration! Castration!

Person 2: Wow, I guess the D-word is a horrible thing to say after all.
by Andy Murphy April 21, 2006

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