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When a man's penis enters a woman's vigina.
"Ew, can you hear that!?"
"Hear what?..."
"I think I can hear my parents having sex."
"Sweet, your mom is hot."
by Andy Mac July 28, 2006
A school full of bitchez, fuggers, and everything in between.
"Dude, yesterday i saw bitchez, fuggers and everything in between."
"Shit son, you must have been at Banting. Fugger."
"See ya later."
by Andy Mac January 19, 2007
Phrase that is usefull when something doesn't matter.
"Dude, I can lick my own nipple and you can't. Nana nana boo boo!"
"Fuck off, it doesn't make a fuck difference."
by Andy Mac July 28, 2006
Intimidating and cool-sounding term for telling somebody how bad you are actually gonna kick their ass.
"Yo mothafucka, step back or ima go real madrid on yo ass...bitch!"
"Oh, shit man! not real madrid on my ass"
by Andy Mac July 28, 2006

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