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when you find dog shit in a park and you pick it up and put it in a bag.

Later on you hide it in a ditch and wait for a car to come by and you throw it at the car making it come to a sudden halt. If they get out of the car you yell "You just got scooped."
dude i just accidently scooped that police car.
by Andy Keats and Ray Johnson May 20, 2005
you bring 2 drunk girls from the bar to your house and you set a 2 sided dildo on the most noticablet table in the house. you act like your going to get some food but you really go get some condoms and when you come back they should be ready for a wet, dirty, sticky, joyful, wonderful, stunning, 3some.
The power bait worked incredible on the 2 dikes last night.
by Andy Keats and Ray Johnson May 20, 2005

You do this when you find out your friends a total dick.
dude i got him back with a sifs.
by Andy Keats and Ray Johnson May 20, 2005
When you and your friend are bored and you see and empty bottle and one or more of you have to pee, you open up the bottle and pee in it until its full. Then you go find someones house that you don't like and run up to the doorstep, take off the cover, lean it on the door, ring the doorbell and go watch the pee fall into the house from a safe distance.
dude we totally piss bottled that fag next door.
by Andy Keats and Ray Johnson May 20, 2005

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