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The phrase used when someone does something that most people don't agree with; socially unacceptable; politically incorrect.

This phrase cannot be used in reference to dill pickles, because I'm pretty sure those are always kosher.
Jack: John, are you stealing those little kids' lunch money again? You're like 40 man you need to stop that.

John: (Looks down at his feet with shame)

Jack: Not kosher man, not kosher at all
by Andy Hesterman December 28, 2007
The deliberate act of mounting the hood of a car, squatting like a gargoyle and taking a shit on it. This act can either be performed in public or in private. The person performing the act must be still, as not to be noticed, but watching like a gargoyle. When done right, this can be absolutely hilarious.
Jake sat inside on the couch unkowingly, while mike dropped his pants and everyone laughed as he pulled off the infamous cargoyle on his Honda Civic.
by Andy Hesterman December 03, 2007
The severe cramping in your hand which occurs when you have played the game Guitar Hero too long. It can occur while playing and even after a song.
Michael played every single face melter in one sitting and had some serious guitarthritis.
by Andy Hesterman October 24, 2007

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