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The art of extraordinary drinking. Tubing is not just a drinking session, it is a form of sport. Experienced Tubers take the activity very seriously and have made it an Olympic Sport. The BRitish Olympic Tubing Team are the world champions and world record holders. Recent Tubing events have included fixtures in Melbourne, Sydney, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Barcelona and Hong Kong (for the Hong Kong Tubing Sevens).

Tubing was invented on Sunday 29 January in Whistler, Canada. The founder members were planning on going 'tubing', the activity of bombing down a snow hill on a tractor tyre however they drank from breakfast until the early hours. The following morning Stuoobs said "I love tubing." BOTT was born.

The Anthem for BOTT is "Tubing Through". A song to the tune of REO Speedwaggon's "Loving You".
Person 1 - "Fancy going tubing?"
Person 2 - "Ok."
by Andy Geoghegan October 10, 2007

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