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Any person who casually accepts sex with many or numerous partners. Usually refers to a skank ass bitch that you know who gives head in alleyways or takes cum in the ass on a normal Friday night. Be careful of cumwhores because they will make you think you should have sex with them, but actually it's a bad idea. Believe me....
Why the fuck did you bring that fuckin' pathetic cumwhore along?

Watch out for that bitch, she's a cumwhore son!
#shitwhore #shitbag #cumbag #cumbucket #slutbitch
by Andy Board September 24, 2005
refers to a situation or person that is unfavorable or undesirable or anything in general that sucks. Can also be affectionate if used sarcastically. Can be used as both an adjective or noun.
Man, that movie was really hurtbaggin'!

Dude you're being such a hurtbagg!
by Andy Board March 02, 2004
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