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The main gang in the cult movie "The Warriors"(1979). Mainly know as The Warriors, Warriors is a sort of nick-name. The Warriors are framed by The Rogues for killing New York's largest gang's(Riffs) president and have to fight their way to their home, Coney Island. During their journey home they encounter gangs such as the Turnbull AC's, Baseball Furies, The Lizzies and The Punks. Once they get home The Rogues confront them at the Coney Island beach and The Warriors and The Rogues have a stand-off. The Riffs show up and know The Warriors were framed(a boy from another gang told the Riffs) and let the Warriors go while they beat down the Rogues. See The Warriors
Loser: Whats the Warriors?
Loser: *wimpers*
by Andy Beisel July 28, 2006

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