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Eanes is another word for Andy. Eanes is a human of unsurpassable intelligence, whose wit and charm are often desired at parties. When someone says the word Eanes they are often filled with an unexplainable joy. When ladies cry out Eanes in bed their orgasms are often multiplied ten fold. You can often finds lingering about the Time Cave with his cohorts Liam, Jacob, and Kiernan curator of the time cave. Do not expect an Eanes to linger about when police are near because he has been arrested multiple times and is now fearful of any police.
Eanes was at the party, but jumped the fence when the police arrived.
by Andy Anstrom September 15, 2008
Kiernan's Esophagal Reflux Disease. Similar to GERD or Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disease except it is contracted by living in a house made out of boxes and smoking vast quantities of Marijuana. Symptoms include stomach aches, strange burping, smoking more marijuana. May accompany leprosy and extreme laziness.
Kiernan always burps strangley due to his KERD.

Oh my god I got KERD'd today from smoking too much weed
by Andy Anstrom September 16, 2008
A cunt that is ecspecially floppy, ususally due to being overly pounded or giving birth multiple times.
Oh my god! That girl is such a Floppy Cunt!
by Andy Anstrom September 15, 2008
A hideous beast of epic proportions. It was enrolled in McCallum high schools class of 2007. Whenever Coonehs appeared people cringed in fear, cried, and prayed to their gods for forgiveness. She was the mascot for a short while which led us to win every football game we played due to the other team being too scared to play.
Oh my god, Coonehs looked at me today and i almost cried!

Coonehs ate a baby yesterday!

Coonehs is in one of my classes! I think i will slit my wrists instead of going.
by Andy Anstrom September 15, 2008
Nogg is the epitome of Nate. Nate is a mongoloid human known for his love of redneck American culture, poop sex, schwag, and Volvo's. To understand Nogg one must study Nogg extensively in Nogg's natural habitat. If one has not observed the Nogg for a long time one cannot Fathom what Nogg is or compare people, places, or things to Nogg.
Pass the bong Nogg.

That guy is so Nogg.

That is such a Nogg car.
by Andy Anstrom September 15, 2008
To hit or get hit extremely hard. To lay out or be layed out Pertains to Lacrosse and American Football as well as Hockey. Can also mean to have sexual intercourse with someone.
Andy boffed the hell out of Kiernan when he was trying to catch the ball.\

Andy got boffed.

Andy boffed that girl last night
by Andy Anstrom September 15, 2008
Engaging in foreplay
They were canoodling all night long.
by Andy Anstrom September 15, 2008

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