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1. In Hindu mythology, a race of all-female nymphs with mother-like qualities.

2. A series of three mobile armors from the Gundam series 08th MS Team. Designed by the insane (and hot) Zeon engineer Ghinius Sakhalin, their purpose was to destroy Jaboru, the feddie's main base.
1. Apsarases are pretty^^

2. You don't want to be on the business end of the Apsaras III's Mega-particle Cannon.
by Android raptor July 23, 2005
Another OYW side-story in U.C. Gundam. While its isn't the best Gundam series, it's still good. Plus, the villian, Ghinius, is hot ^_~
I watch 08th, mainly to drool over Ghinius, though.
by Android raptor April 02, 2004
Something who's only good use is to ass-screw Ghinius. See also "Dumbass"
Shiro has no brain.
by Android raptor November 15, 2003
Total crap. U.C. Gundam rules, Wing sucks monkey balls. End of story.
Sure, Wing may have those annoying G-Wing boys, but does is have Char Aznable, Ghinius Sakhalin, Bernie Wiseman, and all those other hot U.C. Gundam Guys?
by Android raptor March 26, 2004
a menstraul bitchass whore REALLY wants Naraku
"Where's my tampons!!!!"-Kikyou
by Android raptor November 15, 2003

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