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Normally refering to the small town of Hillsboro NJ, in the center of the state. It consist of an array of personality types, including: "gangstas",wiggers,scene druggies, and assorted preps.

The first wave of wiggerness to enter the town was brought on by the 2002 movie "8 Mile", Vanilla Ice songs, and childrens motrin. Most think their "gangsta" because they wear their pants by their knees and reveal their reeses peanut buttercup boxers, but some go to the extent to ACTUALLY TALK TO BLACK PEOPLE. These risk takers are commonly only allowed near black people so they could have a good laugh. Also our asian brothers are also entering into this genre in hillsborough. These "changstas" are called chiggers most of them are beatup on a daily basis, but that doesnt stop their ghetto spirit! And most of them life in spacious 6 bedroom houses with a 3 car garage.

the gangstas in hillsboro are kids actually, from the ghetto. Like kids who moved from new york, newark, and camden. Generally, they hate that they live in Hillsboro and all of its white people. On the whole, they will kill you.

The assorted preps are freshmen ( the trend dies a sophomore year) that think their badass that they started drinking in 9th grade, when all the real badasses picked up their bottles at age 9, not grade 9. Mostly they talk about their field hockey/lacrosse games and getting "Like totally wasted".

Finally the Scene Druggies, the most ambigious group in the town of Hillsboro. They tend to horde at shows for "hardcore" bands. Furthermore, if any of them have a fight its never fought in real life, always myspace. The scenesters use the website to bash other scene kids for talking shit over myspace, where they go on and talk shit on myspace about the others talking shit on myspace. Most of them have no personality, some do, but not most. however all of them have really good weed.
Hillsboro Gangsta-
" Oh my god thats kids from Newark, he's a REAL gangsta?!"

Hillsboro Wiggers-
"yo wassup my nigga-------OH SHIT BLACK PEOPLE RUN!"

Hillsboro Chiggers-
"yoo niggra how yourve been doiEring? you wan buy weed?"

Hillsboro Assorted Prep-
"yeah like oh my god she had like TWO FUCKING BEERS! what an achohalic.I can't wait to tomorrows fieldhockey or lacrosse game, I forgot which one because Im not a real person"

Scene Druggie-
"yooooo brooooo can i have a ciggarette ....bro?"
"Yeah this hoodie was 40 dollars at Hottopic"
by AndrewCARTERBRO April 16, 2008

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