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A town on the East coast of Scotland. Predominatly known for being the home of golf, in recent years the town has aquired an air of snobbishness. Housing-prices have risen to be 100's of % over the national average.

St Andrews is also home to St Leonards, the exclusive Scottish public-school
St Andrews is a nice but expensive town.
by Andrew XY January 07, 2008
A young Scottish celebrity known for his fun-loving attitude and boisterous behaviour. Jack is from a small town near St Andrews, on the East coast of Scotland.

Fotheringham is known as something of a lady-killer. He attended Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh until 2008, when he was expelled for misbehaviour. In his career at the school, although being known as a fine character, was involved in several incidents leading to multiple suspensions.

Jack is known to frequent the St Andrews scene and is often featured in the press for his exploits with co-conspirators Grace, Broodie, and 'Fatty-Boland'.
"I love Jack Fotheringham, although, from what I read of him, he can be rather a posh pompous twat!"
by Andrew XY January 07, 2008
A private and rather exclusive Scottish public-school. Known for its high admission standards, the pupils of the school are often thought of as elitist and judgemental.
"Oh I know, that lot from St Leonards are such annoying people. They think that with their money and titles they should get whatever they want!"
by Andrew XY January 07, 2008
a public school within edinburgh
merchiston castle is a posh school
by Andrew XY January 07, 2008

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