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3 definitions by Andrew Reynolds

Ugly or fat women who take advantage of blacked out drunk males that are out of their league. Much like a vulture preys on roadkill.

Often pointed out by sober males to drunker males by giving the cock call..."cock cock cock".
Jake: Erica showed up to the party sober at three am because she knows she has a chance of taking care of Mark whos 21st birthday today.

Andrew: The cock vultures are out in full force.

Jim: Cock, cock, cock.
by Andrew Reynolds January 21, 2008
(1)Some who enjoys citrus fruits.

(2)To cockblock someone with your nutritious eating, and non drinking shannanigans.
John prefers to eat oranges instead of drinking at a party, then conveniently remembers to remind eric that the girl he is hooking up with is not his girlfriend.

Andrew: I hate that, he is always denying guys getting laid, the damned orange eater
by Andrew Reynolds January 21, 2008
The hole that forms on the shoe of one that performs stunts related to the "kickflip" on a skateboard.
Oh shit. I have obtained a skate hole performing a kickflip.
by Andrew Reynolds January 01, 2007