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Possibly the funniest comedian to ever live! He was all about getting "no respect" and had the best one-liners out of anyone. Sadly, died in 2004 at the age of 83.Rest in peace Rodney Dangerfield, you were the best.
"Me and my wife lived a happy 20 years. Then we met."
"I was breast fed as a baby, but my mother said she only liked me as a friend."
"I'm so ugly, one time I stuck my head out the window. The police charged me for mooning."
"Dude Rodney Dangerfield is HILARIOUS!"
"no shit"
by Andrew Mickey May 19, 2006
A top of the line car made by mercury. Sadly, the car was discontinued in 2002 for bad sales, but it's still considered a classic. The new cougars look far better than the ones in the 90s', and look better than most cars period. Definetly a head-turner. Also, this thing is FAST so be careful.
"Hey man you wanna race my honda civic?"
"Uhhh.... you mean against my mercury cougar?"
"yeah dude"
"Wait your serious right?"
"Pffffff dude you should be bowing down to me kissing me feet not asking me to race you punt lil' car"
"yes boss sorry"
"ah its great having a cougar"
by Andrew Mickey May 22, 2006
Same car that James Bond Drove in the beggining of the movie "Casino Royale" before he got his famouse Astin Martin DB9. Saweet car that yes, is a ford, but looks nice and has a good price. Plus, JAMES BOND DROVE ONE!
" Dude I saw James bond driving a Ford Mondeo in Casino Royale, what is up wit that?"
by Andrew Mickey April 19, 2007
Sorta like Liberochie (who was gay according to Austin Powers) only the nigga steez version. Can be used as an Insult if you are that lame.
" Hurry up Niggerochie!"
"WTF you say?"
"I mean dude lets bounce and hit a joint DOG!"
"Thats what I thought you said white boy"
by Andrew Mickey April 21, 2006

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