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3 definitions by Andrew Duffy

or 'pack of hungry wolves'.

euphemism used to describe a frenzied and violent predatorial attack.
"as the shamed celebrity drove from his home, the press surrounded his car like a pack of hungry wolves"
by Andrew Duffy February 12, 2004
term used to confirm appreciation of fact. see also: true dat, fo real and truesay.
gent in bowler hat: "i say this train is like a tin of sardines!"

youth involuntarily sniffing his armpit: "true that"
by Andrew Duffy February 12, 2004
v. moonie, moonies

also known simply as a moon, the action of baring one's buttocks to all and sundry. a more offensive alternative to 'the birdie'. also known as 'showing the brown-eye'.
"the young whipper-snapper emerged from the bush, moonied at the old lady and ran off, leaving her with a look of shock and disgust on her face."
by Andrew Duffy February 12, 2004