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4 definitions by Andrew Callister

The term given to the foul, throat burning final couple of lugs on the end of a joint. otherwise known as 'mums & dads'.
these terms, that I am aware of, are Colchesterisms, and confined to this immediate locale.
"just chuck it, man, its rough couples"
by Andrew Callister August 21, 2007
Another arbitrary term used by a generation of tokers in Layer-De-La-Haye for joint.
"Doon, you want rough couples on this twar?"
by Andrew Callister August 21, 2007
To voice something that would typically fall out the mouth of a bimbo... or an Essex girl.
"How do you put up with yourself? Everything you chat is bimboic."
by Andrew Callister April 10, 2008
Pressure, with a truck load of stress to boot.
"It's all about fuckin' stressure today!"
by Andrew Callister April 02, 2008