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A conlang outlined in "La internacia lingvo" (The International Language), published in 1887 by the language's creator, L.L. Zamenhof. The name Esperanto means 'one who is hoping' in the language, and was applied to the language because Zamenhof used the name Dr. Esperanto as a pseudonym. Designed specifically for ease of learning and use, Esperanto is the most widely spoken constructed interlanguage in the world, with an upper estimate of over two million speakers today (however, the lowest estimates place this at a few hundred thousand). In continuous use since its original publication, Esperanto has its own sizeable body of both original and translated literature, newsletters, blogs, and radio broadcasts. Esperanto's use has skyrocketed with the advent of the internet, and user levels will soon be nigh impossible to gauge.

Esperanto has appeared in popular culture on several occasions, usually for ridicule as a 'failed project.' It was most notably used on signs in Charlie Chaplain's "The Great Dictator," for PA announcements in the dystopia film "GATACA," and as the spoken language in William Shatner's first sci fi film, "Inkubus" (Esperanto "Inkubo").
La internacia lingvo, Esperanto, estas planlingvo kun tre regula gramatico. L.L. Zamenhof planis por ghi esti la dua lingvo de la mondo, sed kun malmulte da sukceso. Tamen, Esperanto estas ankorau uzanta hodiau kaj havas pli ol miliono da parolantoj (kaj la nomero multighas).
by Andrew Broz June 20, 2006
The so called Elf-Latin or High-Elven of of Tolkienian mythos; the language of the Western elves, and suppossedly created by them when they "awoke" (at least the language in a primitive form, or proto-elven). Related to the other elven toungues devised by Tolkien, Quenya was the book and lore language of elves, while related Sindarin and the unrelated man-speach Westron were prefered in everyday speech.

Quenya is a conlang of J.R.R. Tolkien's invention. With a grammar and word formation rules inspired by Finnish, and to a lesser extent Latin and Greek, Quenya was normally written in the tengwar in the mythos but in reality is normally realized with a Latin language inspired orthography. Quenya's words are mostly a priori.
Quenya greeting in Latin orthography - Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo.
by Andrew Broz July 05, 2006
A eulogistic oration or writing, similar to an elegy with the difference being in its higher level of formality. A highly complex and specialized piece of music devoted to the eulogy of a person or thing may possibly be refered to as a panegyric instead of an elegy, though this use is rare.
Dr. Flanders delivered his powerfully moving panegyric to what remained, ironically enough, a still body of mourners from Karl Marx's community. for those eleven and a half minutes it seemed that nothing could sway them.
by Andrew Broz July 15, 2005
Important 19th century economist and philosopher who, like many other academics of his time, believed that God was a character in a fictional novel. Is remembered best for writing The Communist Manifesto along with Freidrich Engels, though Das Kapital(The Capital) gives more thorough coverage of his economic theories and philosophies. He is often ridiculed unjustly by right-leaning economists, but any economist worth his beans is familiar with the work of Karl Marx. The philosopher Jean-Paul Satre used some of Marx's work in creating the philosophy of Existentialism. The word Marxist, derived from his name, is a mild euphimism often used to replace the term dirty athiestic blood-sucking communist scumbag.
: : Hi. I'm Karl. I'm a pretty nice guy who likes daisies. I am probably gay, according to more ignorant conservatives. Evil dictators have a bad habit of erecting my statue - I have that much in common with Jesus. I'm not all that bad at math, and I made up a lala land called communism where everyone could be happy. Too bad it doesn't quite work. Socialism works though. Try it. : :
by Andrew Broz July 15, 2005

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