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A dinner which occurs after conventional dinner time (5:30-8:00). Usually occurs near midnight/early morning (11:30-2:30). Consists of going out with friends to get said meal, usually fast food, but real resturants may be acceptable. In order to have second dinner, one must have first dinner.

Eaten to stave off sleep-munchies.
Dude, are you down for second dinner tonight after some counter-strike?

Today's dinner sucked real bad, I can't wait for second dinner.

How many times do I need to tell you? Second dinner is every wedenesday!!!

This food sucks, I'm already thinking about second dinner.
by Andrew 'The Captain' Hoang April 10, 2006
When you can't go to sleep or think about sleeping because hunger overcomes you.
Damn, I need second dinner. I have a mad case of the sleep-munchies.
by Andrew 'The Captain' Hoang April 10, 2006
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