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A state of mind where almost anything is funny and a cause for a very loud outburst of laughter.
Mike: "Man my cat died this morning."
David: "..... HA HA HA HA."
Mike: "Man, thats not funny, why do you gotta be so pilapilian about it."
by Andres Gonzalez February 06, 2008
This phrase means that a person is lacking in intelligence, not through any form of retardation but a lack of trying.
Brittney: "What is an Intelligence Quotient?"
Teacher: "You mean an IQ, the thing we have been discussing for the last 10 minutes."
Friend of Brittney: "Seems like your lacking number 4."
by Andres Gonzalez February 07, 2008
Only when the following two conditions are met: First, a state in one's life were nothing of any importance is happening and no real effort is being put into one's life to change it. Second, a total lack of interest in taking any advice from anyone who would know any better then they do. Usually occuring in women going from there older teens to their adulthoods.
Manny: "How come she seems that she doesn't want to do anything with her life?"
Mark: "No its not that she doesn't want to do anything, shes just suffering from Jessica Syndrome."
by Andres Gonzalez February 08, 2008
An action or a person. Something or someone that you know is straight, but is so close to being gay that you question it being straight.
Wait.. did you see that guy, he is a total jethro.

Did you just say "total jethro", dude that was jethro.
by Andres Gonzalez February 02, 2008

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