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Used to give "props" for completing the task at hand.
(ie: "Goodonya")
Jessica: Did you see me just givin'er down the ol waterslide?
Josh: well fuckin BALLZONYA then!
#ballzonya #props #goodonya #j.d. #pomquet #big old rager
by Andrea Beretta March 09, 2009
A sketchy 4-foot tall hunchback. Can usually be found at Raves screaming at her "friends" for GUM and WATER.
Usually wearing big black boots and/or a fuzzy E-SCARF.
Gender: Female
Wanna go chuck some Marg?

We need some "Marg -Action" up in this bitch!
#marg #margfest #hunchback de notre-rave #margholio #water
by Andrea Beretta March 09, 2009
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