1 definition by Andrea, Sam, Chet, and Josh

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1. Part-time drag queen.
2. gay fag/loser/fruit/bimbo/dipstick/fruit cake/fruit loop/w/e else u can think of
3. person who likes to lick his friends
5. head of the "others"
6. part of the three fuckateers, as josh would say
7. cuacha
8. asked lexi out in gym class and got turned down haha what a loser
9. thinks he's hot
10. flaming whopper
11. devil's lover
12. person who likes to stare at his GUY friend's ass and like's his GUY friend's elbow in his crotch
1. why did u ask him out during LA omg ur such a ryan!
2. plz tell me thats a costume cuz u look like a ryan
by Andrea, Sam, Chet, and Josh November 06, 2004

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