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2 definitions by Andr3w 21

a penis that is wider then long IT IS NOT ,,, NOT the area beetween your ass and penis ,,, that is called the taint or the gooch .... a chode is a penis wider then it is long
chodes are not good and they suck to have
by Andr3w 21 August 04, 2006
A very gay type of music only homosexuals and emo's listen to,, bands include A.F.I. All amrican rejects , Blink 182, good charlotte,,,ect ect ,,, real rock is AC/DC Mettallica
Guns n Roses and stuff like that but punk is the gay version of rock
my brother was listening to gay punk rock band A.F.I. so i smacked him at set him straight
by Andr3w 21 August 04, 2006