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Leader of the "Roc Pile." Amateur softcore porn director, aspiring hip-hop/rap artist. Currently serving time for discharging a firearm during the Community Day events of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park, although he actually just got fined and is living under his trailer with the rest of the "Roc Pile." He is hoping that the stint in jail will gain him some street-cred where he can then spin that into big cash with a record label.
Wannabe rapper/porn director on the Canadian TV show "Trailer Park Boys"
J-roc is the rappa with the shizznit, you know what Im sayin? I'll bust some dope rhymes down on you and yo boyz and shit you know what Im sayin?
This is the J to the R-O-C me and the Roc Pile is just saying thats all we're sayin you know what we're sayin?
So Bubbles you just get it on with this nasty bitch and me and the Roc Pile are going to film it and make some cash for the record you know what Im sayin?
Dont be countin how many times I be sayin "know what Im sayin" you know what Im sayin?
by Anderson and Company April 04, 2006

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