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an abbreviation from the phrase royal pain in the ass (pita) often used as a substitution for censorship and covertness purposes

*works especially well in restaurants
Greg-All this work is being a royal pita
Brad-Tell me about it, there's no time to do anything.
by Ander Pisker November 10, 2007
Deriving from the use of the slang word "brozz" (singular "brozzle") for a persons "bro's", the phrase "brozzle nozzle" is a reference to the male member. Obvious as it looks, it is the nozzle, scientific term penis, on any particular brozzle, scientific term male, so to speak.
Example 1-
Person A-Can someone please explain a belt-tuck to that guy?
Person B-I know dude, his brozzle nozzle is raging out of control!

Example 2-
He better watch out mowing the lawn without pants-might get his brozzle nozzle caught in the blades...
by Ander Pisker October 10, 2007
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