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There are two varieties of Emo Kids:

1. Common "Emo" Kid
Listens to a crappy music ripoff genere called Emo, has no genitiles, writes the suckiest poetry, cuts themselves over moronic things, cries in dark corners, and have no sense of self Value and is generally goth-like. But goths are better than these scumbags.

2. Rarer Emo Kid
This is the kind that was INTENDED. Usually wears black, but is pretty nice in general. Still listens to crappy music though.

Two types of emo kids

Common "Emo" Kid: Gawd life sucks, like the most eternal abyss in hell, like my lost love of my life, my blood, and my soul. *Cries like a fucking baby and cuts self* I will now listen to dashboard confessional since it is the only thing that understands my pain...

Rarer Emo Kid: *listens to dashboard confessional and walks on*
by Anaria1000 September 23, 2005

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