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Chavs are people that think they are it.You will find most chavs zt the local bus stop on a friday night, smoking and just generally trying to get drunk. They are threatening towards anyone that isnt a chav and they hate goths and emos. they are streotipical and think that all goths and emos are sad and slit their wrists.
Chavs normally come fron disturbed backgrounds and poor families, they also more than often live in council houses.
A typical girl chav would probably wear white tracksuit bottoms, a low cut top and a sporty jacket and nike air trainers. Boy chavs usually wear blue nike trousers with a matching jacket and nike air trainers. they also often wear big hoop earrings and burberry.
by AnNe-MaRIe :) June 24, 2006
It means when someone is very happy. it is also bubble spelt backwards. it is associated with being happy because that is what bubbles are! happy lil things! emos often use the expression im as happy as an elbbub!
im as happy as an elbbub!
by AnNe-MaRiE :) June 24, 2006
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