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A small District out side of Philadelphia that is filled with fuckheads who don't know how the world works, and they think that they are always right. They always have mommy and daddy to get them their stuff and they are stuck up. Kids from Lower Moreland now days grow up to be failures. They are judgmental and immature, and they don't know how to handle a real situation. These kids are also trained by the teachers to hate different people and that the Jews are the best. The Holocaust is taught in 9 out of the twelve years in this district. The teachers pick favorites and they show it, and they make fun of the dorky kids. A common ailment of these kids is the way they think that they are "black" and that they live the "hard life". They are not, and they do not. If you can avoid this district, do so at all costs, lest you become one of the cesspool.
Hey man your from Lower Moreland?

No, thank god, i would not want to be an idiot from that school!

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