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A politically correct way of saying someone is a dirty whore.
Defendant: Your Honor she is a fucking dirt whore! Are you going to trust her?

Judge: What did you call my wife?!

Lawyer: What my client means is she is a 'nappy headed escort' and her account of the crime should not carry any weight.
by An Epic Fail February 07, 2009
A synonym for a gay male.

Although not always usually they can be spotted because they wear very tight shirts that say the words "Abercrombie & Fitch".
"Did you see that abercrombie back there man? He was totally checking you out."
by An Epic Fail February 07, 2009
The act of being a nigger.(Verb)

To act like a nigger even though you are of a different race.(Verb)

Description word to mean dope, chill, cool, far out, ect. (Adjective)
"Hey man you see that nigger, man he was niggin"
-"No duh he was niggin, he was fuckin black!"

"Man we just be niggin"

"Hey that is a pretty niggin car man."
by An Epic Fail January 31, 2009
Any chill and comfortable pair of shoes, usually moccasins or docksides.
"Hey man those digs are mad dope."
"Those Sebagos are some rockin digs."
by An Epic Fail January 30, 2009

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