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Use it to show you're suspicious of someone, e.g: "who the fuck are you?!?!"
To show you're lost, e.g: "where the fuck am I??"
To point them ^^ in the right direction, e.g: "FUCK OFF!"
To show you're in trouble, e.g: "Oh, I'm fucked now..."
When panicking, e.g: "Let's get the fuck out of here!!!"
When resigned to a situation, e.g: "Oh, fuck it..."
To be aggressive, e.g: "FUCK YOU!!"
To show surprise, e.g: "Oooh, fuck me!"
If you're confused, e.g: "What the fuck?!"
To show despair, e.g: "Fucked again..."
To show denile, e.g: "I didn't fucking do it."
To show apathy, e.g: "Well who gives a fuck?"
Oh Yes, What A Versatile Word Fuck Is. Be Sure To Start Using It More Often :)
"Well Fuck This!" :)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nv4ZqBw5F4 (No Copyright Intended. Not My Video.) :)
by Amyzingbabe :) November 08, 2010

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