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A browser based game with EXTREMELY misleading adverts. I think you build cities in the game, but I wouldn't know, because all I saw on the advert was a blonde woman with an assload of cleavage and a butt-chin. You can hardly even see her face. Just her unnaturally large tits. Probably aimed towards 10 year olds, but the adverts attract horny 15 year olds who want some messed up hooker-banging game.
Boy: *sees Evony ad* *gets hard-on*
by Amy Renée July 27, 2009
Eyeliner for guys. 'Nuff said.

Used by many people, including, but not limited to Brandon Flowers of The Killers and (most likely) Billie Jo Armstrong of Green Day (I think he uses mascara as well).
Bobby wears guyliner
by Amy Renée August 13, 2009
Pure shit. I'm going into 7th grade this year and couldn't go through one fucking year without having some 5-10 rumours about me spreading around. But enough about me.

In middle school (grades 6-8, sometimes 5-8 or 7-8), you are segregated into several groups by a bunch of shitholes that think they're better than you. The lunch food is crappy and overpriced and you have to struggle to keep your grades up, or else you fail.

6th graders act proud of themselves, but they're all dying inside. Well, after they read these definitions.

7th graders (except myself) act like they're the shit. The push 6th graders around as if they had never been that young.

8th graders are total dumbshits. They forgot everything they learned in middle school, which wasn't even much to start with.

There are 3 types of teachers:

The clever, funny ones who like to joke around with you. These teachers are disrespected because everyone is too stupid to understand their jokes.

The fun loving teachers who play games with the class and couldn't give two shits about your grades. Loved by all.

The crappy, boring, strict teacher that gives away more homework than necessary. Hated by all.

If you manage to get good, faithful friends like I did, stick with them. You'll be happy you did.
Julie: Hey, did you hear what Stephanie said about you?
Amy: No, what?
Julie: She thinks you're emo 'cuz you cut and dyed your hair.
Amy: Screw what she thinks! (promptly finds and beats Stephanie for being a dumbass) (sigh) I hate middle school!
by Amy Renée July 05, 2009
1. A popular cheat code.
2. Part of the song "Anyone Else But You" by The Moldy Peaches.
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start. Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart.
by Amy Renée January 27, 2009

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