179 definitions by Amy

To see whats going on
Whats crackalackin yo! Lets go do something tonight!

Hurry up we gots ta get crackalackin
by Amy November 26, 2003
a term used to describe the Love of My Life
Last night Don and I kissed under the stars and moon.
by AMY February 19, 2005
A: Hot dude/Chick
B: Study
He is such a Stud-izzle!
Leave us alone while we Stud-izzle!
by Amy December 11, 2003
the hill, off the hook
It beez ova da hizzle y'all
by Amy August 11, 2003
a word used for humor, meaning hot dog!
Branden is doggylicous!`
by amy December 10, 2003
Yellow: hugging
Purple: kissing
Red: lap dance
Blue: oral sex
Black: strip

Thats what they mean where i live. I don't wear em.
what jelly bracelets mean.
by Amy November 19, 2003
funky fresh snowboard slang for crap
jt: what kind of board is that? amy: winterstick
jt: that's gum
by amy October 06, 2003

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