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A Greek black metal band. Does it honsetly matter whether they are "true" or not? It's a band making its own music, that's it. The same goes for everything else extreme closed-minded philistines don't like purely based on popularity reasons instead of the music itself.

Yes, Norway probably did invent the genre, but in the same way that the UK invented the telephone, it can be made in other countries just as well, sometimes better. My phone's Japanese, for example, although Alex Bell invented the first one.
Rotting Christ is a rather good Greek black metal band.
by Amoxcillin 750mg October 29, 2006
A sad emotion, a combination of feeling extremely bored with the lack of excitement in one's life whilst at the same time feeling extremely helpless and/or alone.
I feel fucking shit, and you'll know you have too if you've felt it.
by Amoxcillin 750mg December 05, 2006
Imperative commanding one to pray to God.
"Get bent? Well, that can only mean one thing: get bent down on your knees and pray!" Ned Flanders
by Amoxcillin 750mg February 12, 2007
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